WEBBOX web Browser enables you to search all sites and save them as web apps. So you can experience better quality in all websites.. There are also functionalities such as Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access everything with smooth experience. Add all your favorite sites to maintain it…

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Upgraded Web Browsing Experience
  • Small Window Mode
  • Data Saving
  • Ad Block [Block all third party domains]
  • Certification Validating
  • Sandbox Webapps
  • Home Screen Shortcut
  • Simple and elegant UI Design
  • Disabled Javascript Mode
  • Font Size Customized
  • Best Support HTML5 & Flash

Experiencing private & ad-free web browsing with data saving. Easy to access web browser facilities.

  • Strategy

    Block 3rd Party Requests, Multi User Agent

  • Design

    UI Optimization

  • Client


  • Application

    Android Studio

  • Languages


  • Integrations

    View Website Certificate

  • Tags

    browser, communications, private

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