WordPress June 3, 2020

WordPress Websites

Creating a WordPress website with premium themes and plugins offers a robust and versatile foundation for any online presence. Premium themes provide aesthetically pleasing and professionally designed templates that can be customized to match your brand’s unique identity. They often come with advanced features and dedicated support, ensuring your site not only looks great but functions seamlessly. Alongside, premium plugins extend the functionality of your website, from enhancing features and security to integrating e-commerce capabilities and advanced analytics. For those needing more specific requirements, WordPress theme and plugin development services are available, allowing for bespoke customization and the creation of entirely new themes and plugins tailored to your precise needs. This ensures your website can grow and adapt with your business, providing a scalable and dynamic platform for your online endeavors.

Here are some key features and components we have worked with WordPress:

  • Sliders with photos, videos & buttons
  • Accordion & tab manipulations
  • Photo, video, product & post galleries
  • Google reCaptcha, Reviews & maps
  • SMS, Payment Gateway integrations
  • Contact forms, subscriptions & mailchimp
  • Woocommerce, multi-vendor & shipping
  • Events, booking & blogs
  • Donations, forms & cost calculators
  • Social media integrations & signups
  • User registrations & logins
  • Role based features & server cron jobs
  • Interactive animations & objects
  • Adsense & Admobs integrations
  • Connecting WordPress website to mobile apps

Creating WordPress website with premium themes and plugins with modern layouts and features to embrace your identity / brand in a wide technological world.

  • Strategy

    Performance Optimization, Proper server requirements

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Compact Layouts

  • Client

    30+ Clients

  • Software

    PHP 8.x, PHP 7.x, MySQL 8.x, MySQL 5.x

  • Languages


  • Integrations

    Emails, SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Google Services, Amazon, Social Media

  • Tags

    Dokan, Elementor, Mobile Apps, reCaptcha, WooCommerce, WordPress

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